your voice

A Guest Post from Samuel Steere

[A Word from Mr. Pond: Music and words have much more in common than most sensible people are willing to admit.  Ignore the scientifics and the physics for a minute.  We speak with an instrument.  We write with a creative impulse which, drawn another direction, could create music.  Composition is a form of subcreation.

In the interest of exploring this connection, Paradoxes has invited a series of guest bloggers, all capable musicians or storytellers or both in their own write (sic).  Their thoughts will appear here periodically over the next few months.

To begin our sporadic series, Samuel Steere has given us these words below.  Or should I say–this melody?] 

your voice
samuel steere 

I hope you don’t sabatoge
your voice, trying to be something else,
constricting the chords until they bind
a book with too many empty pages.  

You can’t fill the lines without
your tongue as the pen,
but only honest authenticity can fill the inkwell
that waters the root of sound.  

Without water, the roots dry up
inflamed with blood when they tire out,
overworked, singing melodies never meant for them.  

Loose the chains that bind your book,
unconstricted chords resound the best
unless you sing the blues.


3 thoughts on “your voice

  1. I love “You can’t fill the lines without your tongue as a pen”. Amazing.

    What an interesting direction Mr. Pond. I look forward to reading more of these music related guest posts. Cool!

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