friday diary

We’ve found El Dorado, or something like it.

Brace your imaginations.  Pre-Columbian Amazonian history will never be the same.  A team of archaeologists– have used satellite imagery of deforested rain forest to discover a Lost City.

Located in the upper Amazon basin, on the Brazilian border with Brazil, the city is of a size and a sophistication to rival Ancient Egypt.  Martti Pärssinen, Denise Schaan, and Alceu Ranzi wrote in Antiquity (83:322, pp. 1084–1095) that the site ‘stretches over a region more than 250km across, and exploits both the floodplains and the uplands’, a staggering feat of construction.

The Guardian duly reported that the archeologists had discovered the dream-city of the Conquistadors, El Dorado, the City of Zed.  The archeologists themselves remained more factual, merely pointing out the significance of the discovery for our understanding of pre-Columbian history, and our views.

All science aside, there’s a sweet aroma of mystery in the archeological team’s assurance that ‘we have so far seen no more than a tenth of it.’

Dream of El Dorado?  Or just Hogwarts?  With their usual aplomb, the folks at The Hog’s Head have started a discussion about their dreams, and the relation between the sleeping and the waking consciousness.  Presuming we can tell the difference.   Drop by to share the bizarre, unpredictable, or memorable mythical dreams of your own.  Who knows–your just dreams might come true in five hundred years.


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