some days

are a lot like this:

F Minus --

Yes – you know it’s true.

In other news, Snape lives. 

Paradoxes reader Joivre, working as a guest writer and investigative reporter for The Quibbler (ahem), has brought forward conclusive new evidence that Severus Snape faked his own death.  And there was much rejoicing.  Could the former Hogwarts Headmaster really be the wizarding world’s Time Lord?


3 thoughts on “some days

  1. Hee-hee … I think that’s inconclusive evidence.

    But wait – I work for The Quibbler (ahem) – so yes! You can say it’s conclusive! Without a shadow of doubt – Snape has regenerated!

  2. Best line in Speed Racer: ‘More like a non-ja. It’s disgraceful what passes for ninjas these days…’

    Joivre–now I’m wondering what Snape’s TARDIS looks like? The Shrieking Shack, maybe? (It’s not really shrieking, it’s materializing or de-materializing).

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