enter the enchanted conversation

Once upon a time there was an online journal…

Not so long ago as to be long ago, on a Friday when rain fell and power failed,
the online journal updated itself. And it said to the world, “What tales our writers have told!”

Can you keep a secret? Good.


This might just be a true story.

In fact, it is a true story.

You can read this true story and a dozen other delightful stories—perhaps not so true, perhaps true in a different way—when you enter The Enchanted Conversation.

Regulars here at Paradoxes will be particularly interested in learning that Claire Massey, of New Fairy Tales renown, has a graceful and utterly disturbing poem in this issue. Also deserving special consideration is Tahlia Merrill’s ‘Ophelia’s Remembrance’, an exquisite and erudite piece of crossover fan fiction. (And how often have you heard those words in the same sentence?)

Mr. Pond, meanwhile, does not have a story in the Enchanted Conversation (yet).

According to a source close to the subject—they see each other every day in his mirror—this does not distress him. He is merely seeking healing from such an emotional trauma through frenetically trying to catch a deadline that’s in the midst of whooshing overhead.

Wish him luck. Then read a story. Or write one.

Then come back here and tell us about it.

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