the art of self-defiance

This week has been a rediscovery of the many, nuanced, and convoluted layers of ‘deadline.’

As I go to post, I’m exhausted. I want something easy, simple, I can paste on the web and forget about.  So I browse for one thing, and don’t like it. I browse for another, and it’s dissatisfying. I even find this really great cartoon, but the print’s just too dang small when I embed it on Paradoxes.

Suddenly it occurs to me to ask myself, ‘Why am I browsing the internet instead of creating unique content?’

Myself asks me again, ‘Has anyone else ever asked that question?’

So I Google it. A meager 272,000 results. And those are just pages that have all those words, not in that order or in that sentiment.

Google’s country cousin MetaCrawler has a lovely little feature called ‘Exact Phrase.’ I jump over there and type in my question. Whap, I run out of space. So I content myself with searching for:

Why am I browsing the internet instead of creating[?]

I click. I search.


Zip, zilch, zero, nada.

There are no websites in the weird webbing world that asks that question. I have found, if you will, a gap in the literature. Maybe it’s thought, but it’s never posted.

Ask the question. Ask it. It’s a question that needs asking. It probably has more layers and nuance of meaning than my tired mind can grasp on a Friday evening.

My answer: ‘I don’t know.’

So I went and created something. It happened to be this.

Whether I’ll win any awards (The Fennimore Cooper Award for Most Boring Blog Post Ever goes to…) is a moot point. What matters is, something was in the world that wasn’t before. Something has been created.

There is no one web page in the weird webbing world containing the phrase, ‘why am I browsing the internet instead of creating?’

Since you’ve been loyal and read down this far, here’s a reward, courtesy of A Light Inside.


As Jenna said in the original post, “want, want, want!’


6 thoughts on “the art of self-defiance

  1. Funny. This morning, I was doing the same thing. I hadn’t posted anything in forever because of a deadline, but everything I wrote sounded stupid. So I browsed the web, looking for something, anything, that I could link to so I could say brightly, “Look at this other guy’s interesting post and give me a little credit for leading you to it!” Couldn’t find anything. Finally gave up and created something slightly original if boring.

    I enjoyed your post a lot more than I enjoyed mine, maybe because yours has kittens and a cartoon. I should remember that.

  2. Why ask why? Try Bud dry!

    Just kidding.

    Browsing the Internet is so much more fun than creating content. When I’m uninspired, I cruise the Internet and that usually helps me find something of interest to write about.

    Seriously though… Have a beer.

  3. No one else in the whole web has used that phrase? Way to be original.

    At the point of exhaustion, as I’ve discovered more than once this past week, writing is darn near impossible. Hence the kittens on Thursday. But goodness, they’re so cute… sometimes that’s all you need. 🙂

  4. Probably for much the same reason there isn’t a sign at McDonalds saying “Why didn’t I stay home and make a turkey sandwich?” It would make us question the whole enterprise to a terminal extent.

    Well… Now there’s one page with that search result!

  5. Growing up – my family always, always, had dinner together. We almost always had a lot to say, debate, or gossip about. Sometimes nobody had anything to say. So my Mom would start the first line of a story – and we would finish it. (My favorite first line was “Henessy the clown knew he was in trouble as he was putting on his make-up. He had run out of rouge.” My Mom was brilliant.) Some of those stories were so outlandish – some of them revealed what was on our minds but didn’t want to say aloud – some of them could rival the best of novels. I loved that. Someone gives you a push – and you’re riding the bike.

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