anti-tales: an interlude


It’s been two weeks since I spoke at the Anti-Tales Symposium, discussing the hilariously subversive (anti) fairytales of James Thurber.

It’s been two weeks since I had the singularly unique experience of sitting in a conference room and undergoing the exact intellectual strain of reading twelve accomplished academic essays in less than eight hours. For two days in a row.
I didn’t say ‘bad’—I said unique.

I’ve promised a review—and a review is coming. However, I’ve thankfully swung from one deadline (the symposium) into another (details forthcoming, eventually) and that deadline, dear readers, is today.

You’ll forgive me if I save my thoughts on Anti-tales to another day. But, if you’re interested, I highly recommend Claire Massey’s excellent review of the symposium, over at The Fairy Tale Cupboard. She said nearly everything I wanted to say. Thankfully, this deadline gives me a chance to think up something else to add to her already outstanding write-up.

Happy Friday, everyone. Why not try subverting a fairy tale this weekend?

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