friday diary

It’s werewolf week at The Hog’s Head. In honour of the occasion, I urge you all to promptly go Over the Hedge:

Over the Hedge

Tip of the toque to Michael Fry for an endlessly funny blog—where, on the link provided, you’ll find his lyrics for ‘The Weresquids of Omaha’—and for writing Over the Hedge. If you need a blog to make you feel good about yourself, this is it.

Actually, you’re getting this happy plug for a happy blog because my real blog entry is away celebrating Werewolf Week with Aberforth and the rest of the pub patrons. Swing by the pub yourself for some single-malt firewhisky and my little essay Weeping and Howling: Frame, Sex, and Otherness in “The Gray Wolf”. If you haven’t read that haunting tale from the great Scottish fantasist George MacDonald, please, please do. Links to online texts can be found at the Hog’s Head. Or if you, like me, like books, it’s in The Portent and Other Stories.

I don’t usually give a sneak peek at future Fridays. But if you want to study for next week (hem, hem), go on over to visit Catriona McAra, and discover a delightful and subversive art scene in Scotland you never knew existed. It’s an excellent blog (hem, hem) and you might see something about it here again.

You’ll notice that I haven’t given out any awards for Most Creative Use of the Serial Comma. That was a rather dull game, wasn’t it? Let’s try this instead—let’s play along with Verne and RJ. How many were-creatures can we dream up? And would they work, or not?

Happy Friday, everyone. Were-aardvark is taken. It would work, it just wouldn’t scare anyone.

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