curiouser and curiouser

Catriona McAra (Photo by Alicia Bruce)Welcome to a world you didn’t know was there. Or maybe you did know. Welcome, regardless.

If you’re looking for a subversive, counter-cultural art scene in Scotland, there’s this amazing blog you should read. If you’re half-academic, half-geek, who likes getting your mind bended around tantalising suggestions of unusual concepts, there’s this amazing blog you should read. If you have an unrequited—or a thoroughly requited—love for surrealism of any description, there’s this amazing blog you should reads.

[Pauses to admire the cleverness of his writing style, realizes that everyone already figured out the punch line, like, four sentences ago, and is glaring at him impatiently.]

Yes—ah—it is all the same blog.

Catriona McAra, one of the two remarkable minds behind Anti-tales: The Uses of Disenchantment, blogs as catrionamcara. That’s her, above right—the larger of the two Alices. I think she’s playing chess the way you’d normally play the piano. But Catriona is doing her doctorate in surrealism, so don’t be too alarmed when you visit her site and find picture you just—don’t—understand.

catrionamcara offers a wealth of information and criticism about the Scottish arts scene, which is a lot weirder than it sounds, and is a useful source for conference reports and calls for papers related to the more intriguing side of academic speculation. Her writing is adroit and nimble, with the posts brief but informative.

Today’s post, for instance, gives the schedule for Spaces of the Unconscious: Psychoanalysis and Surrealism in the Digital Age (October 9, Anna Freud Centre), which is a concept that certainly must have seemed like a good idea at the time and, atypically, still does. Other posts have included critical discussion of Robert Powell’s art, and an interview with the Mad Hatter (yes, you read that correctly).

Go and welcome yourself to catrionamcara. And welcome, Catriona, to this mad, weird world of the life formerly known as blog.


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