to LMD

I will let the world become my desk,

my cubicle the sea and empty sky,

to look out to the world without a mask

and gaze on wonder with unfettered eye.


I will find a space for where, and why,

and whether, outside these feeble walls

and take myself to where the answers lie

inside of greater, deeper, wider halls.


For surely, love is here for those who seek

in the unending world. It could not be

that those who seek and see could never find.


And so the world gives comfort to the weak,

to wrap them in the warmth of earth and sea,

and sends a healing wonder to the mind.


2 thoughts on “manifesto

  1. Uplifting to the soul. Reminds me that, wherever I may find my earthly self abiding, there is another place… “…and I will still be standing here–with wonder in my eyes.” Thanks.

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