deadline post

I’m on deadline this week, and not where I’d like to be in that madness, so you get this post. Which is essentially an evasion of posting.

Since there seemed to be a great deal of interest in my reading of Cinderella (I won’t trackback—just scroll down), I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on these posts from Paradoxes regular Kate Wolford.

  • In ‘Cinderella: A Real Do It Herselfer,’ Kate defends the world’s favourite heroine as the ideal heroine of the classic fairy tale—plucky, shrewd, and adventurous.
  • In addition, Kate asks ‘Just How Therapeutic Should Fairy Tales Be?’ Perhaps less than the pedants think, and more than people expect. The article is worth reading just to get to the Jewish Proverb at the end, which should be the guiding light of fairy tale scholarship: ‘Don’t ask questions of fairy tales.’

Also, if you happen to be anywhere Glasgow this Christmas season, stop by to see rising artist Robert Powell’s Christmas show. That will be nothing but unforgettable. Also your chance to buy a set of early Powells (yes, it will be an investment).

And now it’s the last night of Chanukah, so light the chanukiah and enjoy its brilliance, and a plate of latkes. May you rejoice this evening of dedication. Peace to you all, and chag sameach.


3 thoughts on “deadline post

  1. Ah! Deadlines! Got the student papers rolling in myself, tomorrow. Thanks for the kind words. I love that proverb. I’d never seen it before a few days ago, and now I’ll always remember it.
    Must read student papers ………

  2. Thanks, catrionamcara. The correction has been duly applied.

    KateW, where did you find that proverb? You’re right, it’s pretty amazing on many levels. Enjoy reading the student essays, although that’s almost entirely the wrong word.

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