say no!

To fairy tales?


John McIntyre, patriarch of copy editors and foreman of the paragraph factory, seems to think so. To put it with extreme understatement. Which is to say, he frankly says so in a post tellingly titled ‘Fairy tales can’t come true; it won’t happen to you.’

Is it a sort of heresy for me to say that, given the circumstances, he’s absolutely right?

Read and report.

3 thoughts on “say no!

  1. Having spent so much time with Grimm and Lang, it’s interesting to see the usage of “fairytale” to mean “marrying a prince.” Though I can see where they’d get that from Disney, maybe. Surely that has infinitely more in common with pulp romance novels than with “Hansel and Gretel” or “The Youth Who Did Not Shudder” or even “Three Little Pigs.”

    I’m curious if anyone knows when “They all lived happily ever after” first appeared in (literary, I presume) fairytales. Certainly it isn’t a prerequisite in Grimm or Lang– my favorite closing lines include “She is living there to this day, if she hasn’t died”, “Snip, snap, snover, this story’s over!” and “My tale is done, a mouse has run, and whoever catches it can make for himself from it a large, large fur cap.”

    Also, the painting is priceless. Cf. the great moment in Enchanted— “You’re too late.” “My apologies.”

  2. Of course, it’s easy to forget that the author of the painting has their own biases & stereotypes & that the painting perpetuates certain stereotypes & false beliefs of its own.

    Which is not to say that McIntyre doesn’t have some good points in his article on the subject of “fairy-tales.”

  3. As far as the painting (photograph?) goes, my biggest objection is that the carpet at are place never looks that clean unless we’re having company! And with four little ones…well…

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