a beginning

This, as the title boasts, is a beginning.

More precisely, it’s the beginning of my Christmas Holiday. (Or Winter Vacation, if we want to go all retro-90s, and enjoy some good ol’ fashioned political correctness.)

I’m taking the next while off from work and just about everything else*, to enjoy the holiday with family and good books.

Don’t worry, I’ve not abandoned the blogosphere, but as you other bloggers know—vacation ain’t really vacation if the blog tags along. Though I may put in some desultory appearances at the Hog’s Head—always a fun place to hang out around Christmas.

Posting here the rest of the week will be *nearly* nonexistent; between now and New Year’s (Western Calendar Change Day?) it will be sporadic and best. Your comments will still appear in my inbox, too.

Regular posting should begin after Epiphany.

Happy Christmas to you, and Blessed Holiday whatever you keep, whether you remember with fondness or look forward with anticipation.


mr pond

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