Apologies for my sudden unexplained silence; I have not had access to the internet for the past few days. It was pretty amazing.

Paradoxes should begin settling to what passes for normality around here. Meanwhile, here’s the introduction I didn’t use for the paper I presented Friday at Never-ending Stories.

I propose, in Tolkien’s words, to speak to you about fairy tales. If that seems even more foolish than it did over seventy years ago when Tolkien gave his Andrew Lang lecture, it is because the perilous land of Faërie has, perhaps, grown more perilous still. We have gone as critics and judges, wanton in our plucking and killing that we may catalogue in theories the once-beautiful dead things in our hands. If, then, I speak to you aware of my own impertinence in speaking, it is because this essay attempts, as it were, to catalogue traveller’s tales, both successful and disastrous, through the Perilous Realm.


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