scraps and things

If you didn’t know already, one of the web’s more remarkable blogs is on hiatus. The Fairy Tale Cupboard has gone into archives—not forever, we hope, but for long enough so we can all get caught up reading the posts we haven’t read yet.

Now, even if you never read The Fairy Tale Cupboard, here’s why it matters to you: Claire Massey, who kept the Cupboard so well, is using this archive time to write another blog. Gathering Scraps is the latest metamorphosis of Claire Massey’s ever-fascinating online creations. It’s a patchwork of oddments, haphazard and found things, of images and evocations of things remembered, or half-forgotten—of the strange and familiar jumbles of memory and dream that tug on the edges of our imagination.

Claire Massey herself has this to say about Gathering Scraps:

Playwright August Strindberg described his characters as…

‘conglomerations of past and present stages of civilization, bits from books and newspapers, scraps of humanity, rags and tatters of fine clothing, patched together as is the human soul’

That’s always struck me as a very good description for how writers work: patching bits and pieces together — not just to create characters — but whole stories too. So as well as using this as my website I’m going to gather scraps here in a sort of online notebook. Some of them will probably end up in stories. It would be nice if they provided inspiration for someone else who found them here too.


One thought on “scraps and things

  1. Fascinating. Gathering Scraps is an intriguing little blog–thanks for the link.

    I love the way she and Strindberg describe the writer’s creation process. It’s so much like the way I think about writing that it almost sounds familiar. Maybe I’ve heard some of that before.

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