Welcome to anti-Wednesday, the day that isn’t. As promised, we’re talking about anti-tales.

When confronting the daunting task of attempting to define anti-tale, I’m tempted to follow the example of George MacDonald—to define by example and say, ‘Find Waiting for Godot. Read that. That is an anti-tale.’

And of course it is, but that’s rather like saying ‘Go look at Michelangelo’s David. That is a sculpture,’ or ‘Listen to Bach’s Inventions—those are inventions.’ It’s rather beside the point, smacks of paucity, and manages to explain everything while explaining nothing.

Which isn’t a bad way to begin addressing anti-tale, actually.

Go do it. Alternatively, this.

Well, shall we go?


One thought on “anti-wednesday?

  1. “Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it’s awful!”

    (Do you suppose he put that in there just to mess with reviewers?)

    I’d love to see that on stage one day.

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