the eggman

An anti-wednesday anti-nursery rhyme.

Anti-tales happen. It might just be the nature of tale-telling, or humour, or what Douglas Adams called ‘perfectly normal paranoia,’ but anti-tales happen. All the time, really, but that’s philosophical.

What’s wonderful and immediate is that, just after I started anti-wednesdays, Michael Fry began a series of anti-nursery rhymes at Over the Hedge. He’s kindly given me permission to repost my favourite anti-nursery rhyme, with his study questions.

So, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you now: The Eggman.

He Is the Eggman
by Michael Fry (with T Lewis)

Was he pushed or did he jump?

Was he suicidal over his break up with Little Miss Muffet?  OR…

Was he silenced because he knew a secret that everyone in Rhymington wanted kept hidden?

Humpty:  The Eggman Falleth

©2011 Michael Fry

[Note: If you’re wondering why Verne has a plaster on his nose, well—the cow that jumped over the moon had to land somewhere.]


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