unsettl—oh, sorry

illus-012t here’s no ‘unsettling wonder’ today, folks. Many apologies. I’m up to my teeth getting ready for the George MacDonald conference on Wednesday, and just got back from a conference in York this weekend, which you can read all about here.

So, instead of ‘unsettling wonder,’ today’s post is over at The Hog’s Head, where I discuss some of the excitements and fears surrounding the approach of Pixar’s fairy tale film. And you might want to hang around The Hog’s Head for a while, since I’ll be busy there this week, too.  I won’t say what or why just now, but I’ll drop the words ‘contest’ and ‘giveaway.’

And be sure to hang around Paradoxes. Again, I won’t say too much, but we’re getting a sort of celebrity visitor for anti-wednesday, from east of the sun and west of the moon…

Stay tuned, and see you there.

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