Over the Hedge

That about sums it up, folks.

On the other hand, it may be helpful if we all went and read Don Miller’s immensely helpful review of a book that’s stirring quite a bit of controversy in some circles. If you’re not in those circles, it’s not worth your while figuring out what the controversy is. But Miller’s review is, as I say, helpful.

I wrote a nice, thoughtful, literary post about fairy tales and characterisation and my very good friend Claire Massey today. And then realised I really wanted to run it on Friday instead.
And it had nothing but nothing to do with anti-tales.

So I’m posting this instead.

And if I add this way-ultra-cool graphic on the right, flyer CSPthis has everything to do with anti-tales.

There may be no more anti-wednesdays, except in theory. In theory and in hope. By which I mean, anti-wednesday continues to exist in potentiality, the shadow of a Wednesday. Without capitalization.
How very ‘00s.

It’s just that, really, Katherine Langrish’s stupendous guest post is an extremely difficult act to follow. By the time I gather my wits, half of everybody will have rushed out the door to buy a copy of West of the Moon, and if you haven’t yet, why don’t you?

(Then you’ll have done the required reading when I write my not-really-impartial-at-all review.)

I’m thinking I may retire anti-wednesday, at least partly. Although it has generated a good bit of conversation about anti-tales. It may become a monthly feature, or a fortnightly.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “anti-anti-wednesday

  1. I’ve enjoyed anti-tale Wednesdays. Perhaps it’s in the nature of both the anti-tales and the discourse to constantly shift and vex us all. I do hope we’ll continue to see periodic Pond-ian posts on the anti-tale.

  2. Perhaps the problem was that this last time, Anti-Wednesday coincided with an actual Wednesday, so they both blew up.

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