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The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond is an award-winning blog. Of a sort.

My erstwhile compatriot in the blogalectic, the ever-charming Jenna St. Hilaire, has just presented ParadoxesThe Versatile Blogger Award.’ No, really, she did. Here’s the award to prove it:

It’s green. And seems to contain a subliminal reference to sushi. I’ll take it!

It’s a conditional award, I should add. In fact, it’s a circular award, in that you’re supposed to forward it to fifteen friends. And say seven interesting things about yourself on your blog. Though Jenna has graciously allowed recipients of the award to bow out of its circularity.

This is rather different than anything I’ve done at Paradoxes, but I don’t feel it untoward or an undue challenge. Like Mrs. Bates before me, as soon as I open my mouth I shall say three very dull things indeed, so I only need to do that twice and then think of one more thing. So here, after a fashion, goes.

  1. I applaud this courageous post by my friend and colleague Erzebet Carr. It reflects on many levels my own approach to social media and the internet. And explains to some degree the nature of six-very-dull plus one-haphazard items in this list.
  2. It’s been several years since I wrote a list like this (see 1). This list is more interesting (see 4).
  3. I’m planning something I can’t tell you about yet with my friend the T.S. Eliot scholar, whose existence John Granger has had occasion to doubt. The something we’re planning might have something to do with the Holy Grail, but I can’t tell you. (You’re free to guess.)
  4. I had the misfortune of splitting my swordmaster’s eyebrow on the second week, but then he did tell me to try to hit him. It’s amazing how counterintuitive that is.
  5. I’ve never fallen off a horse but I have fallen off a bicycle. Which is the main reason I’m a distance runner.
  6. My first short story was called ‘Three Bears on a Bike and So Many, So Many, So Many Radios.’ It was dictated to my mother, and featured a cameo from The Avocado Baby. He picked up a house at a crucial point in the story, as I recall. It may be the only occurrence in my writings of infante ex machina.
  7. A novel I’m occasionally proofreading has taught me the two most pedantic facts known to mankind. They were kindly provided courtesy of my friend the T.S. Eliot scholar (see 3).
    I might pass them on to you if you ask nicely enough. No, they’re not about T.S. Eliot’s typewriter, or the original shipping cost for the book of Romans. Sorry.

If you read this blog, I like you. You can take the award home and write your own list, if you don’t already have one (award or list). But I’m not going to perpetuate it any further, I’m afraid. (See 1.)

And now my list is done, and there goes a little mouse running down the clock. Anyone who catches it can make himself a nice fur cap.


2 thoughts on “a versatile blog post

  1. Okay, what’s creepily hilarious about this is that I considered using Miss Bates’ comment as an introduction to my own list. And certainly would have, if I hadn’t forgotten.

    Excellent list, by the way. Regarding #1: I read that entire post, including the comments, and respected it. And wished I was like that. I am shy in person and comparatively carefree on the internet, which is sort of the reverse of how I probably ought to be. Also, your coined word “Faceboogled” made me laugh out loud for reals, and for long.

    #4: I think swordfighting practice would be more fun in a world where people had magical healing powers.

    #5. I have fallen off a horse at least three times. I have also fallen off bicycles, and run them into trees. Perhaps that’s part of why I’m turning into an Emily Dickinson and never leaving my house.

  2. Ah, Jenna, but if you were shy online, so many of us wouldn’t have had the pleasure of interacting with you & benefiting from your insights. After all, not all of us can live in Forks, Washington.

    Oh wait, that’s not where you live. 😉

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