unsettling wonder

Household Tales: A Read Through


 Something Completely Different 

illus-155this week has seen the deadlines swarm, in a very good way. Good in the way bees swarm round a marauding bear. So ‘unsettling wonder’ has been pushed back, possibly to appear in modified on anti-wednesday.

But do not despair! If you, like me, look forward with mingled eagerness and dread to see what strange discursion into the world for fairy tales will appear on this site of a Monday, despair not! I have an article for your perusal.

Paradoxes regular katew is the editor of Enchanted Conversation, and she very kindly invited me to guest blog for the journal. So that’s where you find me today. I’ve called the guest article ‘Snow White and the Philosopher’s Stone,’ though I can’t take credit for the title. It may or may not be part of something which I’ll tell you about eventually.

Go off and read it. Then please come back and answer me two questions:

1) Does it make critical sense? and

2) would you be interested in reading more about fairy tales and alchemy?

Challenges, cross-examinations, and interrogations all very welcome. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “unsettling wonder

  1. Double ditto! This was fascinating, Mr. Pond, and I’ll never experience Snow White the same way again. I’ll need to think more about all of this before hazarding any challenges or cross-examinations….

  2. Certainly. I have never ever thought about them that way, so now that you’ve made the connection, I would definitely be interested in reading more.

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