It’s not Thursday!

This week finds me writing an anti-tale, of sorts. No, you read that correctly.

The book launch for Anti-Tales: The Uses of Disenchantment (Cambridge Scholars, 2011) is this weekend, and I’ve been graciously asked to read a story of mine as part of the festivities. So I’m spending way too long with revisions and wondering whether it wouldn’t just be better to go to sleep.

So, to get us all in the swing of things, Issue 13 of Scheherezade’s Bequest goes live today. I’ve not had the pleasure of reading it yet, or most of it (see par. 1). But I do have the pleasure of appearing in it. The ever-astounding Erzebet Yellowboy was kind enough to decide to interview me, and our conversation was published concurrent with Issue 13. I think the title (Erzebet’s idea) just about says it all: ‘Discovering the Anti-tale.’

It’s always great craic to natter on about anti-tales, and even more fun to natter on about anti-tales with Erzebet. (We get around to mentioning both Schoenberg and Santa Clause, and some others, somehow.) So this interview was simply a delight . Which I guess is the point, or part of the point, of fairy tales, anti or otherwise.

Read it and let me know what you think. We’ll soon return to our regularly scheduled Paradoxes, sort of.


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