you’ve got to build bypasses

I don’t like reading sloppy blog posts, and neither do you. Let’s do our part to keep them down.

This precipitates a general service announcement: “unsettling wonder” will be temporarily suspended. Next week you’ll get to read my assessment of “The Juniper Tree,” and it’s a doozy. That, being the 47th such post, will be the last “unsettling wonder” for a while. I’m planning to re-launch the series in a few months, but with several—and I hope enjoyable—differences.

Meanwhile, readers of Paradoxes will be regaled with two post a week—one haphazard but thoughtful midweek post, and the still-ongoing blogalectic on Fridays. Occasional links as my writing appears in other venues will, of course, still be posted as well. I am also preparing to appear more frequently at and, so keep a weather eye open; we’ll be talking about more than just Harry Potter.

With these changes, I’m hoping this will be the last sloppy blog post I’ll knowingly write.


3 thoughts on “you’ve got to build bypasses

  1. Ditto, Mr. Pond! And I haven’t found your posts to be “sloppy.” I look forward to your continued thought-provoking and unusual ideas on whichever blogs you post at–always a pleasure.

    (And we just recently returned from a week-long vacation of hiking in woods and mountains and visiting lovely New England art museums–where I, too, like to find much of my Art, so I owe you a long email as I catch up on things before our new semester begins.)

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