Mr Pond in Print

Well, folks, it’s happened. After nearly a year of effort, fairly concentrated, and enough near misses to hardly making going on worth it, I’ve finally gotten a short story published in Enchanted Conversation. Issue 2.3 is out, and I’m in it. Please note, this is not a contest, this is not an academic article. This is the issue itself, the actual zine, The Cinderella Issue no less.

And my chipper little story “Royal Ball? Get Home Before Midnight or Magic Happens!” is in it. I’m not sure why the accompanying image seems to be of someone finding the Sangreal, but there it is.

I like this little story, which, to paraphrase Lord Dunsanay, I dashed off in an evening. And I like the main character, this well-meaning fop. Not promising anything, but there’s still a lot of energy and fire in the character. I’m wondering what he did next. What else happened to him. In fact I’m wondering if I’ve found that elusive but wonderful thing, a series character. There seem to be plenty of stories lurking there, though heaven knows when I’ll find them.

Let me know what you think.


4 thoughts on “Mr Pond in Print

  1. You had me at “toodely pow.” Now I have to go back & actually read the story instead of skimming through it. 🙂

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