library wall

Whoops! I forgot to mention that, in addition to the story in Enchanted Conversation 2.3, I’ve recently had a wee submission posted on the wonderful Paraxis Library Wall. It’s a companion to Paraxis 02, which looks to be lovely. This zine is rapidly emerging as one of the most unique and important new literary mags out there, so it’s well worth your time to take a browse and lose yourself for a while in wonder.

And for an engaging little puzzle, there will be some sort of nominal prize if you report back in the comments where and how to find my piece on the Library Wall. 😉

The piece itself, I should say, is part of a larger mythos and thus a teaser of things to come.


5 thoughts on “library wall

  1. Hmm. Well, first you open the link in Firefox instead of Chrome, dadgummit.

    Then you hover over every last one of the little popups and watch for each file name to pop up in the bottom left corner of your browser. Choose the one with “pazdziora” in it.

    I liked the bit about the bulrush and the trumpet. That made me laugh.

  2. In Chrome, it’s the one behind the one with the badges on. And I had to read almost every single one before I found it, so there’s that going for it.

  3. Eric, Yeah, you’re very smart. Shut up. 😉

    You’ll get a nominal prize too, even aside from the birthday present I keep meaning to send.

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