on the art of blogging

not in blogalectic with anyone, really

Established bloggers seem to say and do things that less experienced bloggers never do. They say, for instance, that they have grown weary of hearing their own voice and tired of saying important sounding things. And, rather than studiously keeping content flowing across their sites, they tend to blog once a week (maybe).

I’ve had this blog for just over two years, now, which isn’t that long really but that’s a heck of a lot of words. And, as posts of this kind can often prelude the exact opposite kind of announcement, I’m going to be keeping it up and chugging for a while. I’ll even give you sort of a veiled carrot: unsettling wonder is coming back. It will be springtime before I can get everything in place, and it will not in a recognisable form.

All this to say, I don’t think it entirely vain to call myself an established blogger. So here is a once-a-week post which is not at all important sounding or even my own voice.

If you want something important, Neil Gaiman found something for you. If you want to hear my own voice, I wrote a nice little piece over at The Hog’s Head. Meanwhile, here’s what my friend Jesse has to say about cats:

Like, the musical? Huh? Like the animal? Do I know the story of a cat? Oh, I didn’t you meant, like, story stories. No, not really.

What do you have to say about cats?


3 thoughts on “on the art of blogging

  1. I wrote a story once that became very boring because, as it turned out, the talking cat was quite a bore as a conversationalist. So you never know.

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