Mr Pond in Print

My conversation with Masha and Jenna on whether or not we should believe in fairy tales
is on a hiatus this week. So I’m giving you a folktale to read, instead.

I’m very proud to say that latest issue of the marvellous and often disturbing Jabberwocky includes one of my poems: “Fox’s Testament.” It engages with a very old English tale, and
I’m happy to add this little adornment to the lore.

(You might also like to read Katherine Langrish’s discussion of this tale type here.)

One thought on “Mr Pond in Print

  1. Thank you for introducing me to a new tale. This is a VERY interesting as a poem. The Eden-imagery, and Mr. Fox’s suggestion that the heroine wears a crown of apathetic asphodel . . . is her new-found knowledge a good thing or a bad one? It will have me thinking for a while yet.

    Also, you have effortlessly earned yourself much acclaim (in my book) from the GKC quotes.

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