TONIGHT: the Amazing Doctor Milliner

In a few moments, a gaggle of musicians will perform the world premiere of

Doctor Milliner’s Marvellous Musical Flying Machine

being a Contraption of Songs and Games for a Jollification of Sad Musicians.

Including those crowd favourites “Danny-o”, “Sally Maiden”, “Cromarty Cross”, and more! Now just hold tight, and keep your eye on the mechanical euphonuim device…

This is a vocal piece composed by Eric, sibling of this blog, setting assorted nursery rhymes by myself. I’m ridiculously proud of it, and still rather incredulous that it’s happened; we’ve created this from a mad idea to performance/recording in a matter of months.

So if you’re in the area, rush to the recital hall of University North Carolina Greensboro by 7.30pm EST. Which is pretty soon, I think. The performers include:

Joann Martinson, Soprano
Lauren Eastman, Violin
Steve Landis, Double Bass
Hunter Bockes, Alto Saxophone
Thomas Weaver, Percussion
Julia Byrd, Piano
Eric Pazdziora, Conductor
The Audience, Party Noisemakers

And here is a picture of a man in a hat:

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