unsettling wonder

Rather an exciting day for me, I must say. Forget, for a moment, the sleet and hail and wind and general wintry wretchedness of the otherwise lovely view beyond my window. Forget, too, the Damoclean spate of deadlines unravelling above my head. Today is the official release date for Unsettling Wonder, Vol. 1, Issue 1 (Winter 2013), Wonder Voyages.

I write all about it at this link, and you can buy it at this other link. I love this little mag, and I’m excited at the direction it already seems to be charting for itself.

And here’s acknowledgments: Special shout out to my fantastic co-editors: Cayt Addison, Defne Cizakca, Katherine Langrish (friend of this blog), Jenna St. Hilaire (my worthy blogaletic partner), and Josh Richards. They’ve made this project what it is. And tremendous  thanks to Erzebet YellowBoy Carr, for being willing to publish such a bizarre and ambitious project, and to her husband, Dis, for the timely gift of remarkable software.

This is just the start, really: we’ve a lot more of equally audacious projects to come. Here’s a general announcement, which you are welcome to copy and paste and distribute where you jolly well like. Or follow us on Facebook or Twitter or one of those places. Myself, I’m off to celebrate in true British style: with a nice cup of tea.

We are pleased to announce that the inaugural issue of Unsettling Wonder, a new literary journal of folklore studies, is now available for purchase: http://www.unsettlingwonder.com/shop/unsettling-wonder-v1-1/. Centered around the theme of ‘Wonder Voyages’, the issue includes old and new tales of aimless wanderings, magical journeys, told in stories, essays, poetry, and image. The real purpose of these tales are what happens along the way. They are filled with bizarre islands and stranger people, incomprehensible dangers and unutterable beauty. The voyagers become legends of their own. Some find their destination. Some never do. Not all of them return, or wish to. Featuring works by Claire Massey, Johnny Wink, Patrick Weck, Katherine Langrish, and Jennifer Povey. Cover artwork by Laura Anderson. Available in print and digital editions. (Papaveria Press, 48 pp, £5.00/2.50). For inquiries please contact info[at]unsettlingwonder[dot]om.


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