Allow me to introduce you to the number 47.

47, reader.  Reader, 47.

In case you haven’t heard, this is no ordinary number.  The number 47 is the quintessential number of the universe.  Like every fantasy hero, it has an arch-nemesis–the evil number 52.

With strength, courage, and awesomenesses, the number 47 battles for the cause of right, stopping the evil schemes of the number 52 wherever they are to be found.  Those extra cards in your deck?  The card that went missing?  For this we bless the number 47, campaigning fearlessly for truth, justice, and quintessential randomness.

The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond present the number 47 as an icon.  It hallmarks the subtle, profound under-meaning of the absurdity of life.  It embraces the fundamental interconnectedness of all things.  We believe that the number 47, if not quite the most remarkable phenomenon in the universe, is certainly the most remarkable phenomenon in the universe.

This website is not about the number 47.  For that, you really should investigate the 47 Society.  But you will find the number 47 lurking on this website.  And it has a way of appearing now and then in John’s writings.

After all, the number 47 is everywhere.  You only have to look for it.

4 thoughts on “47

  1. I wee bit late to the game, but I’ve been devouring hogshead pubcasts and reading George MacDonald. When I heard that you live in Scotland, I had to write. I moved my family to Aberdeen a year ago from the states(my wife is Scottish, so she’s just moved back home). I’m a painter and I’m looking to incorporate myth, symbol, alchemy, and all that good stuff into my work. I’m super interested in Scottish myth and fairy tales. What can you recommend?
    All my best,

  2. Kyle–Thanks for your comment. A good place to start is Gordon Jarvie’s anthology, Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales. An excellent academic study is Scottish Fairy Belief: A History by Lizanne Henderson and Edward Cowan. And then you’ll want to look at classic texts Scott’s Minstrelsy and Kirk’s Secret Commonwealth.

    A lot depends on what you’re wanting to do. Your artwork looks incredible, and I’m very curious to know what more you’re doing, and how you’re incorporating the Scottish fairy tales. Why don’t you mail me at mrpond47 [at] hotmail [dot] com, and we talk at more length.

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