Mr Pond is Dr John Patrick Pazdziora.

pazdziora-profile-smJohn Patrick Pazdziora (PhD, St Andrews) is a writer, editor, and literary critic. He currently serves as a research associate at the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts, St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews. His research interests include literary adaptations of the Scottish ballad tradition, and the development of children’s literature in the nineteenth century. He is the author of several peer-reviewed articles, and the co-editor of several academic anthologies, including Re-Thinking George MacDonald: Contexts and Contemporaries (ASLS, 2013), with Christopher MacLachlan and Ginger Stelle, and New Fairy Tales: Essays and Stories (Unlocking, 2013) with Defne Cizakca.

Some people accuse John of being a mystic.  Other people insinuate he’s a folk musician.  Several people think he might be a storyteller. Most sinisterly of all, someone once even suggested he drinks too much gourmet coffee.

All these people are probably right.

John is also the general editor of Unsettling Wonder, a mythic arts journal published by Papaveria Press. His short fiction and poetry have appeared in Jabberwocky, New Fairy Tales, and Enchanted Conversation. John is also a contributing editor for The Hog’s Head and Hogwarts Professor. Links to these places and more are on the right; a select list of his academic publications is below.

You can email John at Mr Pond 47 (at) hotmail (dot) com. Or leave him a comment here at Paradoxes. He can e-commute anywhere, and can send you his full CV and references as desired.

John lives in Scotland with his family and a black cat named Loki.

Select Publications


2013. A Brand of Fictional Magic: Reading Harry Potter as Literature, with Micah Snell, eds. Oklahoma City: Unlocking Press, 2013 forthcoming.

2012. Re-Thinking George MacDonald: Contexts and Contemporaries, with Ginger Stelle and Christopher MacLachlan, eds. Glasgow: ASLS, 2012 forthcoming.

2012. New Fairy Tales, with Defne Çizakça, eds. Constantina, NY: Unlocking Press, 2012 forthcoming.

Book Sections

2013. “Enchanted Conversations: Reverse Adaptation of Fairy Tales in Online Culture.” In Never-Ending Stories: Adaptation of Canonical Texts in Children’s Literature, edited by Sara Van den Bossche and Sylvie Geerts. Gent: Academia Press Ginkgo, 2013 forthcoming.

2012. “‘How the Fairies were Not Invited to Court.’” In Re-Thinking George MacDonald: Contexts and Contemporaries, edited by Ginger Stelle, John Patrick Pazdziora, and Christopher MacLachlan. Glasgow: ASLS, forthcoming.

2011. “‘Just Behind the Veil’: Death in Harry Potter and the Fairytales of George MacDonald.” In Harry Potter for Nerds: Essays for Academics, Lit Geeks, and Fans, edited by Travis Prinzi. 241-268. Constantina, NY: Unlocking Press, 2011.

2011. “‘You Know How Happy Kings Are’: The Anti-Fairy Tales of James Thurber.” In Anti-Tales: The Uses of Disenchantment, edited by Catriona McAra and David Calvin. 166-177. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishers, 2011.


2012. “The Dantean Tradition in George MacDonald’s At the Back of the North Wind,” with Joshua Richards. VII: An Anglo-American Literary Review, Vol. 29 (2012 forthcoming).

2012. “Feather Coats and Friendship: Poietic Space in Claire Massey’s ‘Feather Girls.’” Short Fiction in Theory and Practice, Issue 3 (forthcoming)

2012. “Grimm in Lisbon 2012.” The Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy, June/July 2012: 12-16.

2011. “As if, if: being the sayings of Mr. Pond and Mr. Puddle, a drowning pair without a care,” with Mike McDuffee. The Atrium: A Journal of Academic Voices. Volume 1, no. 2 (2011).

2010. “‘Weeping and Howling’: Frame, Sex, and Otherness in ‘The Gray Wolf.’” 30 September 2010.

Select Presentations

2012. “‘From an early German folk tale’: Re-appropriation the Grimms’ Tales in Jim Henson’s The Storyteller.” Presented at The Grimm Brothers Today: Kinder- und Hausmärchen and Its Legacy 200 Years After. 21-23 June. Instituto de Estudos de Literatura Tradicional, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.

2011. “Feather Coats and Fancy: The Role of the Author in the Fairy Tale.” Presented at The Figure of the Author in the Short Story in English. 8-9 April. CRILA. Université d’Angers, France.

2011. “‘A Story Short’: Toward a Critical Theory of Anti-Tale.” Presented at Myths and Fairy Tales in Film and Literature post-1900. 25-26 March. University of York, England.

Academic Service

2012. Co-Organiser. A Brand of Fictional Magic: Reading Harry Potter as Literature. 17-18 March. University of St Andrews, Scotland.

2011. Co-Organiser. George MacDonald Among His Contemporaries. 30 March. University of St Andrews, Scotland.

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