weekend = novels?

My decision to unofficially participate in NaNoWriMo, by writing 2k or so words a day on my existing manuscript, proved to be just the impetus I needed to really get to work on an academic article.

I’ve been putting this article off for several weeks.  It’s hard going, and there’s not a set deadline.  That’s just a bad combination.

I spent the better part of this morning stewing over my novel, roiling out difficult spots and working through possible settings, character arcs, and plot twists.  Ideas appeared where they hadn’t before.  The story moved with a brusqueness it’s lacked for months.

So, inscrutably, when I finally ensconced myself at the computer, I proceeded to work on the third section of an unrelated academic article.

I hadn’t expected it to happen quite like that.

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november = novels?

November is National Novel Writing Month. But what does that mean?

‘So,’ the geek with the plaid scarf and retro glasses said to me, as he waited for his elevator.  ‘Have you ever done the whole National Novel Writing Month thing?’

Geeks confound me.  They somehow describe activities, or movies, or anything, and make them sound as if only real nerd-geeks—the kind with pocket-protectors, thin ties, and 80s glasses—would be caught dead doing them.  And at the same time they make those same activities seem like some avant-garde, ultra-exclusive society only the crème de la guik can get into.

‘No,’ I said.  ‘I haven’t.’

He had.

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