of soundtracks and extraterrestrials

A Guest Post by Jarrell Waggoner

[A word from Mr. Pond:  Our third musing on the harmony of music and fantasy.  But a somewhat different angle on it.  Where, after all, does the music come from?  And, for that matter, why?]

It has always been the aliens.

Musically speaking, anyway.  Fantasy has always had music, and music fantasy.   And occasionally aliens.

Whether our lovable characters are humming ditties across the foliage of Middle-earth or our intrepid explorers attempt to decipher the cacophonous intonations of extraterrestrial visitors, music has been accompanying the adventure since before adventures were being put to words.

Maybe we weren’t singing along, but we were being sung to.  Maybe we weren’t tapping to the beat, but the beat was there to be tapped.

So where did it go?

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